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Creating a child-centered divorce in Texas

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2023 | Divorce |

Divorce in Texas is an emotional and stressful experience. When a child is involved, they might believe their world is ending. Anger and shock are just a few of the many emotions a child can feel during a divorce.

Perhaps you should consider a child-centered divorce. This type of divorce can put a child at ease and reassure them things will work out. Here are some tips for a child-centered divorce.

Strengthen emotional bonds

A child-centered divorce encourages a parent to bond with their child. The parent can ask the child how they feel about the situation. Just because the child looks fine doesn’t mean they are. It’s also possible that the child is misbehaving or becoming withdrawn. A child-centered divorce requires the parent to have patience and try to understand their child’s point of view.

No court battle

A child-centered divorce is more likely to involve mediation or a collaborative divorce. Both options allow a couple to negotiate the terms of a divorce without fighting in court. However, divorce court battles can become messy. The conflict can spill over into the child’s life and cause emotional turmoil.

Family time

A parent can spend too much time and attention on a divorce. As a result, their child may feel neglected, alone or scared. Family time shows the child they still have their parent’s love.

A positive attitude

Divorce can cause a parent to develop a toxic attitude. Speaking ill of a spouse does nothing to help the child. But a parent in a child-centered divorce focuses on making their child feel safe and supported.

The child’s best interest

A child-centered divorce helps a child cope with the changes in their family life. Of course, complete recovery will require time and adjustment. But a child-centered divorce creates a more positive experience.