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Factors that influence a child custody order

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2023 | Child Custody |

If you have children with your former spouse, you have an obligation to care for them. However, you may also have the right to spend time with them or otherwise play a key role in their lives. There are several variables that a Texas judge might consider when determining if you should have custody of your children.

Your mental and physical health matter

A judge will need to be certain that you are physically and mentally healthy enough to care for a child. If you do have any physical limitations or experience mental health problems, the judge may need more information as to how you manage them. Furthermore, you may be required to remain on medication for mental health issues or make adjustments to overcome a physical limitation as conditions of obtaining custody of your children.

You should get along with the other parent

A judge may be hesitant to grant custody to someone who may try to interfere with the other parent’s right to have a relationship with your child. Furthermore, it may be difficult to obtain a favorable child custody order if you say bad things about the other parent in front of your offspring. Taking such actions may have a negative impact on the child’s mental health, which is not in that child’s best interest.

Your home life may come into play

If you live in a dangerous part of town or in a home that is too small for a child to occupy, you may be denied custody rights. The same might be true if you use drugs in front of your kids or allow others to do so. Of course, you may be granted custody rights if you are able to refrain from those activities when your children are around.

When crafting a child custody order, the child’s best interests are the top priority. Therefore, if you want to be your child’s primary caregiver, you’ll need to show that you are capable of providing a safe, nurturing and positive environment at all times.