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An Attorney Dedicated To Protecting Your Children’s Best Interests

The parts of establishing the parent-child relationship or marital dissolution that could be the most emotional and difficult to settle are those involving children. Parents must come to terms with the fact that their amount of time spent with their children will change. No matter the changes, the goal should always be to develop a civil and conflict-free relationship with your child’s other parent to minimize the effects of the divorce.

At The Butler Firm, PLLC, in Argyle, I am ready to help families find options that work for my clients and their children.  This is not an easy part of the process, but children deserve every reasonable effort to make the divorce easier for them. You deserve experienced and compassionate advice from an attorney who truly cares for your family.

Your Children Are Always The Priority

You may divorce your spouse and start separate lives, but you will always be parents to your children. This is why developing a solid conservatorship and parenting time plan can be the cornerstone to positive co-parenting. According to Texas law, parents are normally joint conservators with one parent being primary to decide the primary residence of the child, and the other parent has a schedule of parenting time. These arrangements can be simple or very complex, and I work to help you created the plan that best serves your children.

Depending on your needs and circumstances, I am ready to advocate for your rights in the following ways:

  • Help define conservatorship and parenting times, either through negotiation or the courts
  • Develop a plan for reaching agreements with your ex regarding flexible parenting time schedules that work for both of you
  • Defend your rights if you are facing child abuse charges or craft solutions for you against an abusive parent or partner
  • Help you define conservatorship/parenting time if you are not legally married
  • Work to change conservatorship and parenting time schedules, according to the child’s desire and best interest
  • Obtain child support

As we review your options at The Butler Firm, PLLC, I will explain the importance of realistic expectations when it comes to your child’s welfare. My goal is to provide you with options to meet your children’s needs and accommodate them to your schedule.

Protect Your Parental Rights Now

Know your options to protect your children’s best interests and your parental rights. Call 682-503-2472 to discuss your options. You can also contact me online via this form.