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Compassionate Advocacy For Your Family Law Issues

If you are experiencing family issues and need legal counsel, I am sure you will look for a reliable, honest and experienced lawyer to help you. I know that during initial consultations, you may have many questions or you may not even be sure about what you want to pursue legally. You only know you want to protect your family.

I am attorney Kimberly Butler, and I have provided legal advice to my clients in Texas for almost two decades. I have guided them and helped them define a path to protect their interests and their children. In family law, there isn’t any not one-size-fits-all solution, as every family has specific and unique needs. When we discuss your case at The Butler Firm, PLLC, I will listen to your concerns and expectations to define your options. My goal is to protect you, your loved ones and your interests.

A Trusted Attorney In Your Corner

Family law in Texas is hard to navigate without an experienced lawyer. In addition, there have been changes to the law that could impact your case. I am aware that it takes more than experience to represent my clients, including staying up to date with the law to provide them with actionable options.

In The Butler Firm, PLLC, office in Argyle, we will discuss your concerns about:

  • All aspects surrounding child custody determination during a marriage dissolution or for parents residing in different households.
  • How to calculate and obtain child support. The maximum amount for child support increased in 2019. In Texas, both parents may be required to provide financial support to their children.
  • Child custody modifications. The conditions and relationship with your children may change over time, and so will the conservatorship terms.
  • Assistance with matters involving Child Protective Services (CPS).
  • Adoption, including relative and grandparent
  • What how to deal with a juvenile case. What can be done based on the facts and circumstances of your situation.

The law provides many paths to solve an issue, but in cases where your parental rights and property rights are an issue you will need an experienced attorney to help you protect your rights, through the process. Call me to discuss your options to address your legal needs. You deserve a caring and experienced family lawyer.

Call To Make An Appointment

Let’s start by answering your questions and finding options that work for you and your family. Call The Butler Firm, PLLC at 682-503-2472 or contact me online.