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A Caring Divorce Lawyer

Many families require the assistance of a lawyer at some point. One of those instances is when it is time to end a marriage. Whether the decision to divorce is proceeding on good terms or under challenging circumstances, the help of an experienced and caring attorney is essential.

I am attorney Kimberly Butler, and I have helped families protect their interests and loved ones since 2004. I am committed to address the concerns of my clients and be with them through every step of the legal process. I am ready to listen to your legal issue and help you and your family at The Butler Firm, PLLC, in Argyle.

Committed To Representing Your Interests

When I take your divorce case, my goal is to learn all the details and your expectations to build solutions for you. I will advise you on your options and what legal strategies could help us protect your interests and loved ones.

As with every legal matter, solutions and decisions are heavily fact-based. I will review your situation, needs and what you expect from the process regarding:

  • Conservatorship and parenting time: Texas laws regarding children are very complex. However, the primary purpose is always to protect your children’s welfare. We will discuss whichever options are required to protect your family.
  • Spousal and child support: We will fight for support for you or your children according to your needs and situation. Texas laws in this matter change every six years in terms of maximum amounts considered to determine the percentage of child support granted, which is why I keep up to date about changes in legislation.
  • Property division: We will work on a thorough strategy to determine what is appropriate for you. I can help you with the community property laws in Texas. Division of marital property is determined only once and cannot be changed subsequently.

I want to help and guide you through your divorce, not only to solve your current needs but also to create a better future for your family. Let me help you with the legal burden you face.

Contact Me Today

A separation or divorce entails fundamental changes in the life of a family. Let me advise you on your options so you can make informed decisions. Call my Argyle office at 682-503-2472 or fill out my online contact form.