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Can I get my child support order modified?

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2023 | Child Support |

Divorce often puts Texas families in a financial pinch, sometimes years after the event. You can struggle to make ends meet with your child support payments, or on the flip side; you may have trouble making them. Whatever scenario is yours, it may be time for a child support order modification.

Reasons to ask for a support order modification

Most courts will only consider child support modification is if the person paying the support has a substantial change in income or needs of the children have increased. A job loss or a significant income decrease may qualify you to petition for a reduction in monthly payments. If you are the one receiving the payments, you may receive an increase in payments if one or more of your children have substantial increases in education or medical costs.

How to request a change

Custodial parents should only request a modification when they believe their ex’s income or their children’s financial needs have increased significantly since the initial support order. If you are responsible for the payments, only request a reduction when you can prove that your income has declined dramatically, as the courts will thoroughly investigate your situation. Most jurisdictions have rules on how often you can ask for changes, so make sure you don’t waste your request on tiny increases or decrease in case unforeseen circumstances occur soon afterward.

Keeping your children as the priority

When requesting a change in a child support order, you’ll have to file a formal motion requesting a change due to a change in circumstances. If the change in need is temporary or a job loss is short-lived, you may be able to work out a temporary solution with your ex-spouse, especially if you are on friendly terms.

Parents should always remember when requesting these changes that their children’s welfare comes first. Make sure that you fully understand the circumstances surrounding your ex-spouse’s circumstances or the changing needs of your children. As children grow up, they often need more support on the road to becoming responsible adults.